3 Reasons Why January Is a Top Divorce Month

3 Reasons Why January Is a Top Divorce Month - Willow Anderson

The first month of the year is full of new possibilities for some Minnesotans and a wake-up call to many. January is consistently a month when family law attorneys receive more calls about divorce. Many couples give everything they’ve got to not “ruin Christmas.” They bite their tongues to keep up appearances that they are normal, happy, highly functioning families throughout the holidays to please their families – and to give it yet one more try. Yet privately, they are aching inside. They hold it together for as long as they can until finally, once the new year arrives, they become clear that life is too short to pretend to be something that they’re not.  They make the courageous choice to end the toxicity in their life.  It may be drugs, alcohol, unhealthy eating, and for some, it means a toxic relationship. It no longer feels like a choice. It’s a necessity. To end the hurt. To end the marriage. You are not alone if you waited until January to get serious about hiring an Edina divorce attorney to legally dissolve a marriage that actually dissolved long before January.

No one can definitively conclude the reason for the increase in divorces in January, but that doesn’t stop Minnesota divorce lawyers, therapists, and other professionals from trying to understand why. Here are a few of the possible reasons why January sees more divorces.

Holiday “Hangover”

The holidays can be stressful and financially draining. We’re supposed to relax and enjoy time with family, but those moments of happiness sometimes are artificial and require extensive preparation. Pop culture rarely mentions the spotlight on loneliness that the season can bring. Not to mention the menu planning, last-minute gift buying, and family tension we commonly experience during the holidays. These circumstances add strain on an already tenuous marriage. In some cases, clashes with family may be the last straw. If spending the holidays with your partner left you feeling burnt out instead of rejuvenated, you may start to seriously consider filing for divorce now that the tinsel is packed away for another year.

Returning to a Routine

After the holidays, many are expected to go back to work, pay the bills, and snap back into reality quickly. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, you may be able to convince yourself that things will get better. But when the cold reality of January 2nd comes around and the same problems you’ve been dealing with for months or years reappear once again, some decide to pull the pin.

We know physically and emotionally abusive marriages often take a turn for the worse during and after the holiday season. It may be time to make a change if you’re dreading a return to your usual home life, especially if you’re the target of abuse.

Resolutions and New Beginnings

January is the start of a fresh year, full of opportunities to live a more healthy life. Many capitalize on this by choosing a New Year’s resolution to stick to in the coming year. A New Year’s resolution can create great opportunities for growth, but it can also make you realize how drastically things in your life need to change – and sometimes that includes your current relationship. If your resolution is to take better care of yourself but your spouse is unsupportive or emotionally draining, you may realize you need a whole lot more than a resolution, you need a divorce.

Are you or someone you know ready for a new beginning?

Seeking a Divorce in January

If you’d like to file for divorce, you’ll need to work with an Edina divorce lawyer who has demonstrated success and experience.  If you have children, Willow Anderson is determined to get you out of this with as little damage to the kids as possible. We know that kids can be happier after divorce and forge better relationships with parents if we do divorce in a thoughtful way. Willow Anderson has helped clients from all backgrounds obtain an economical, efficient, and equitable divorce. Her Edina divorce and family law firm focuses on doing whatever is necessary to assist you during what may be the most difficult time in your life.

To schedule a consultation with Willow and learn more about her, contact Willow Anderson Law at (612) 843-2355 or through our website.

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